Our Mission is to Save Babies' Lives. Our Goal is to Eliminate $26B in Annual Health Care Costs.

“MBDevice will have an absolutely far-ending impact on improving healthcare. The help with understanding preterm labor and its process will allow us to treat preterm moms and then impact outcomes.”

Dr. Berry Campbell
Maternal-Fetal-Medicine Specialist
Former Chairman University of KY
Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology

Continuous Cervical Monitoring Protects Mother and Child

MBDevice is a medical product that will save babies' lives. Premature births cause pain and suffering to newborns, parents, but also to society as a whole. It is a major burden on taxpayer's health care dollars, in the amount of $26 billion per year in the US alone. MBDevice can predict premature labor before the mother or doctor can sense any changes. MBDevice sits next to the cervix and transmits a wireless signal to the pregnant mother and doctor, giving advanced notification. By providing this early detection, doctors can take actions to prolong the pregnancy. The longer the mother stays pregnant, the better off everyone will be. With 4 million births per year and 1 out of 8 women experiencing a preterm birth, we have a great opportunity to change the way predict labor — saving babies' lives. Click here to view an overview of our presentation.

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We welcome doctors and investors to contact us for more information on our product. Please feel free to e-mail, Vasiliy P. Abramov, our CEO, or Founder and Inventor Divya Cantor, MD, MBA.

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