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About us


About us


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Jingmen Ruian Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Add: No. 40, 15th Street,  Fengming Lake, Country Garden  , Duodao District, Jingmen City, Hubei Province,China
Tel: +86-724-8689966     Fax:+86-724-8688966

E-mail: yann@ruianchem.com /   

 Web: www.mbdevice.com

Sales Department
Contact:Mr Yan  +86-13677272218
E-mail: yann@ruianchem.com /

International Trade Department
Contact:Ms Wen +86-18824152704

E-mail: diana@ruianchem.com

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Jingmen Ruian Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a professional chemical enterprise engaged in offering the customers technical supports and products. The company can be divided into rubber additive department, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates department, and basic raw material department. We have factories in Jingmen, Huangshi and Huanggang. There are 496 employees, 39 of which or junior or senior engineers. In 2013, Jingmen Factory was rated as national level high-tech enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2014, our Jingmen R&D Center covering 10 mu was put into operation.

Rubber additive department: the most professional supplier of ultraviolet light absorbers in China. It engages in all ultraviolet light absorber products. The department has engaged in researching weather-proof additives for tens of years, and it ca offer comprehensive technical supports. Main products: ultraviolet light absorber, antioxidant.
Pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates department: based on decades of experience on pharmaceutical intermediate production, scale productive capacity and R&D capacity, the company is capable of offering technical supports and products related to pharmaceutical, veterinary drug, and pesticide intermediate products.
Basic raw material department: based on effective logistics, large-scale centralized procurement, long-term and stable cooperation relationship with Sinopec and other enterprises, we can offer efficient, high-quality and stable services to customers in central China.

  Add:No. 40, 15th Street,  Fengming Lake, Country Garden Phase 1 , Duodao District, Jingmen City, Hubei Province,China  

Contact: Tel:+86-724-8689966 Fax:+86-724-8688966   E_mail: yann@ruianchem.com / richard@ruianchem.com

  Superiorproducts:Ultravioletlightabsorber   Antioxidant  Aluminumchloride  Phosphorousacid  Methylp-tolylsulfone?  Tosylchloride  
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